A Blue, A Purple, Aloë vera, Aster, Banaan, Cupcake, Engeland, Hibiscus, Pilli Pilli, Prinsessen Roze, Selectie and Ultiem.

At first glance, the aesthetic intensity of Evangeline Clark’s work may suggest it only exists to announce its own presence. However, the intention of her practise is to act as a spatial disruption through the ephemeral invasion of colour. Clark’s work examines the boundaries between the decorative and the feminine, the grotesque and the pretty, the meaningless and the significant.

Opening: 14/03/2019 17:00
Period: 14/03 – 24/03/2019
Open: Fri./ Sat./ Sun. 12:00-17:00
Location: XPO, Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

Evangeline Clark is a Melbourne based Artist, whose practise consists of large scale murals constructed with industrial tapes, adhesive vinyl, plywood and acrylic paints. Her practise aims to redefine intense shapes and colours not as pejoratively ‘girly’, silly and hollow, but as inherently momentous and powerful. Her process investigates complementary and discordant correlations between colours. In particular, she explores how primary colours and tertiary colours animate each other. Colour is central to Clark’s thinking process and is a principle focus of her artwork due to a neurological condition she has, called synaesthesia. In order to experiment with colour and composition, she makes small paintings and drawings. If the colours used in these images work too cohesively, she does not pursue them as murals. Clark believes that when colour is used harmoniously it is easy to overlook. So, her practise strives to use peculiar colour combinations and engage their complementary and yet inherently discordant correlations to invade a space with colour. Evangeline Clark’s has completed a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (Visuals Arts) at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne, Australia). Clark has exhibited with galleries such as, Brunswick Street gallery and George Paton Gallery.

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Instagram: eevee.artsy

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