From August to October the Hong Kong artist Jolene Mok is artist-in-residence at ARE. Here you can find a small introduction.

Being trained as a video artist, Jolenes artistic practice is highly medium-specific. Taking on a reverse route through bringing forward her art making experience derived from video-art-making to celluloid filmmaking, the core interest of Jolene is to build bridges between the celluloid and digital media through examining their respective technical, practical, theoretical, structural and conceptual frameworks.

For a decade, Jolene Mok has been, primarily, undertaking artist-in-residency programs non-stop. As an itinerant, time-based media artist, she doesn’t base anywhere. Jolene about her working proces; ‘I don’t know and can’t plan straightforwardly where exactly my next destination is because I need to be accepted/selected/invited. Upon acceptance, I get ready to arrive at a new place; get inspired; create; present; then move on to the next place and start all over again. The process has always been about excavating and distilling my artistic insight then transforming it into actual works that are accessible to viewers within a limited period of time. To me, throwing myself out there to participate in residencies offer me the precious opportunity to unlearn – then to learn about things from scratch – to go back to square one. Being transient is of utmost importance in my art practice.’

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