Frequently asked questions

How can I sign up for the ARE newsletter?
You can sign up for the ARE newsletter through this link.
How long is the residency period?
Three Months
Which costs are covered?
The costs of staying are covered, the studio and living accommodation.
Which costs are for my own?
Travel expenses and costs of daily living (groceries etc.).
Are there any grants to obtain from ARE?
We have a limited budget for each artist to help realize the final exhibition. The costs of publication and materials needed for the exhibition are paid for by ARE to a maximum of 400 euro.
What is expected from the artists while in the residency?
We provide a perfect set up to work three months concentrated on your own art work or project. By the end we provide an exhibition so you can show your work to the public. We ask you to give a lecture at the Art Academy (AKI/ Artez) This will be discussed with the artist.
Is there equipment available?
Equipment for general use are available in the studio: basic tools for small sculpture (drill, jig-saw, table saw, screw drivers etc). Computer with basic software, adobe, final cut pro and micro soft. Equipment available after signing a contract: digital photo camera, light equipment for professional use, digital video camera HD and statue, 3 projectors, sewing machine, sound recording system, extra t.v. screens.
What means of transportation are available?
There are trains leaving from Enschede train station to different cities in the Netherlands and to the rest of Europe. Buses will take you to smaller villages in the Netherlands and Germany (just across border).
The main transportation within the city is the use of bicycles. The residency provides a bicycle.
Where are the studios located in the city?
The studios are located in the city center near the train station. Everything is within walking or bicycle distance from the studios. The studios are located in a building together with art initiative B93. 10 artists have their studio in the same building.
How is the cultural climate?
Enschede has a lively cultural climate. The Art Academy AKI / Artez is located in the city, as well as many art initiatives, several exhibition spaces (see further on website) and several festivals that we invite the guests to participate and to be involved.
Upon arrival:
When you arrive in the studio’s we ask you to bring a copy of your passport, and a security deposit of 250 euro. By the end of the stay you will get 200 euro back, 50 euro we keep for arranging expenses. A contract is signed the day of your arrival, as well as a lease contract for the bicycles.
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