Extraterritorial Realm – The second texture
EXPO from Thursday 6 up to Thursday 20 December
Location: Vrijhof, de Veldmaat 5, 7522 NM Enschede, Netherlands

In 2018 a collaboration has been established with Are Artist Residencies Enschede. Once a year an artist from the exchange project ARE will show his / her work in the large exhibition space of the Vrijhof. This first time it will be the artist Chen Yu-Jung.

Chen Yu-Jung, Taiwan, holds a MFA in Institute of Music from National Chiao Tung University, and he majored in multimedia composition. His artworks mainly focus on the contemporary composition, performance art, experimental improvisation, and mixed media installations. At this moment he is enrolled Ph.D. in Art Creation and Theory from Tainan National University of Art.

Most of Chen’s recent artworks spring from the space, individual emotion and the experiences involved in such. Currently his focus is on the interaction of visual and sound associated with space, and he is also trying to liberate sound, space, imagination, combining performing arts reflect to the mood of the people inside the flow and the field atmosphere.

Chen Yu-Jung writes about his work made during his Artist in residence period in Enschede:

“In the period of residency, I noticed that there are many demolitions around the city in Enschede. I collected some used wreckages from the areas and translate to abstract textures. Material textures urge the contemporary artists to immerse themselves in its flow, to capture the events that take place on the moment and the past. I explore the internal temporality of materials and forms of a blurry zone between natural and man-made objects. Through carrying out the aesthetics reconstruction of the objects with mixed media, I try to create the connection relationship between the organic and inorganic. Through metaphors in images, sculptures, sound installation and interactive videos, I turn my own experiences of desire as well as that of the environment, on both an emotional and aesthetic level, into physicality. I hope to comprehend our surroundings with a more sensitive and sensual approach, and rethink the way we look at it.”

This year, ARE celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, an overview exhibition “ARE Anniversary Photo” will be opened: in XPO on Friday 14 December.

The opening in presence of Chen Yu-Jung will take place on Thursday 6 December, 4.30 PM.

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