Robert Lisek is currently working in Enschede at ARE Enschede, (residency program). He is an artist, mathematician and composer with a focus on systems and processes and involved in various projects in the field of radical art strategies, hacktivism and tactical media.

This April Robert participates in 2 events:

Date: 12-04-2018 19:30-23:00
Location: Sickhouse, Ariensplein 1, Enschede.

GOGBOT café presents talks, presentations, debate, film, music, art and interviews with guests from art and culture, in the context of GOGBOT festival 2018. This years theme of GOGBOT is FUTURE FLASH 200: From Frankenstein to Hyperbrain. At GOGBOT café, Robert will give a short lecture about his new work “Sybil” which is presented in the Sickhouse space. SIBYL is Artificial Intelligence that proposes new stories and generates new compositions. SIBYL is trained by techniques of
composing by Pynchon, Burroughs and Xenakis. SIBYL is presented as a performance and an installation that uses recurrent neural networks, deep learning and analog sound-video synthesizers.

More information can be found on the Facebook event. 

Propellers – Exhibition and concerts
Date: 19-04-2018 20:00-04:00
Location: Art initiative B93, Hoge Bothofstraat 166, Enschede

PROPELLERS are presenting a new art and music show. They deal with active information, vibrations engines and AI software in a constant process of change and development in a multidimensional configuration space. The work of Robert contains radical art strategies, hacktivism, tactical media, AI and machine learning and audiovideosynthetizis. Together with Robert several other artists will show concerts, performances, installations and cinema.

Collaborating artists are:
Robert B. Lisek
Plastic Interior Urynian
Stella Richman
Erik Terhorst
Patrick Jonkman
Thom Floris
Chernobyl raindance [Ole Nieling & Melle Nielling]

More information and the program can be found on the Facebook event.



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