Danny Wagner

An encyclopaedic concept combines his works of the last two years. The topics which he research, handle overlap of Geology/Geography and politics. The selection here is subjective, shows situations which are global but on a smaller scale. He understand such a grouping as a reference to the educational practice of the encyclopedia. An essential part of …

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Alain Poussot

In his artwork Alain Poussot (born 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland) has a personal take on the various aspects of daily life. In small refined drawings, large colorful paintings on canvases, installations and three-dimensional works he handles incisive moments in his life depicted by either very silent or outrageous humour. Society, stardom, sexuality, illness and death …

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Yuni Kwon

Yuni Kwon (South Korea) makes visual the relational space between humans and nature, both together as well as separately. By constructing a bridge between unknown social and natural phenomena, she creates an imaginary relationship between them, exploring the meaning of this relationship in the process. Using a variety of media, such as video, data visualizations …

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