Exhibition: 22.11 – 26.11.2023
Opening: 22.11 20:00 – 23:00
Location: B93, Hoge Bothofstraat 166, Enschede (NL)

“Beyond manual” is a duo exhibition by ARE artists Monika Reut and Paulius Šliaupa. They present their work and process of a two-month artist-in-residence. Both artists have been inspired and immersed in the local environment and art community. Monika has involved local artists in her research. In addition to Monika and Paulius, 11 more local artists will participate in the exhibition. Below you can find more information about both exhibitions. Send an email to areholland@gmail.com if you want to visit the exhibition after the opening.

Paulius Šliaupa
“Beyond manual” blurs the borders between nature and structured urban landscapes. A miniature forest amidst the streets leads to the artist studios. The studio spaces of ARE become digital environments breaking down boundaries and introducing the hidden structures filled with the voices and music of artists from B93. A gathering of 3D-printed creatures and laser-engraved images encircle the videos.

“Beyond manual” invites you to reconsider the boundaries that define our existence, showcasing the beauty of chaos and dissolution in our meticulously organized world, fusing the organic and the digital.

This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union. #culturemoveseurope #pushboundaries 

Paulius Šliaupa (b. 1990, Vilnius, Lithuania) explores the intersection of culture and nature. Through videos, paintings, and installations, he crafts sensory experiences, aiming to impact viewers’ psychology. His works often explore the fusion of natural and artificial elements, triggering a reconnection with nature.

Monika Reut
This collective exhibition is the result of an experiment conducted on artists from B93 and their friends. The experiment consisted of two parts. In part 1, the artists were asked to fill in a questionnaire about their practice. Their answers served as instruction manuals of how to make an artwork. In part 2, the artists created artworks according to another artist’s manual. This experiment wants to find out what, how and why we create. It is an excuse to talk, listen, see a different point of view and get inspired. It analyses how do we differ, but most importantly, what do we have in common.

Participating artists: Afra Willems, Cynthia Wassink, Debbie Voerman, Edwin Dertien, Erik Put, Erijk Terhorst, Jeroen de Nijs, Judith Schepers, Marlies van Grootel, Monika Reut, Paulius Šliaupa, Patrick Jonkman

Monika Reut is a Polish visual artist based in Porto, Portugal. In her artistic practice she questions the meaning of physical reality and intends to analyse the impact of new technologies of image manipulation on art creators and spectators. Her main goal for ARE Residency was to collaborate with local artists.


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