Anniversary B93 and ARE

October 7, 2023, Kunstenaarsinitiatief B93 and Artist Residencies Enschede will celebrate! Time to party! B93 has been around for 30 years and ARE 15 years. This moment will be celebrated with 30 B’s. B93 . Bubileum . BINGO . Bar . Bier . Bekers . Buttons maken . Bouncy springkussen . Bonnefooi . Bramen . …

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TRACE – Karen Conway

Exhibition: 20.09 – 24.09.2023Opening: 20.09 20:00 – 23:00Location: Hoge Bothofstraat 166, Enschede (NL) In the series of drawings entitled ‘Trace,’ Conway explores the theme of impermanence and the transient nature of human existence. She explores concepts of self-importance and distraction from the fleeting nature of human life. Using the pencil as a research tool, she …

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Last Minute Call Aug-Sep 2023

There is an open window for a residency at ARE in August-September 2023! Go here for more information and the application form. Deadline: July 14, 2023Please note: For this last minute call only the months August-September are available. Only apply if you are able to join the residency in both months.

Rob Blake

The works in this show examine and untangle ordinary objects laden with nuanced meanings and untidy histories. Their supply chains and extensive development backgrounds often ignored or unquestioned. These products or materials are so mundane and neutral that it seems as if they don’t exist. Yet, they didn’t simply appear out of nowhere… Online and …

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Grijs – Jainsen

Skepticism presupposes that humans are just arrogant monkeys who dare to say they know truths and possess knowledge. The body is one of the many fictional containers, where knowledge creates the illusion of the complexity of being. In truth what causes it is the decomposition into smaller and useless parts, causing the fracture of being …

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