For Darina, drawing is the tool for the analytical
filtration of reflection and observation. With
drawings, she builds a universe that consists of
two- and three-dimensional works. A spatial-
performative intervention in which Darina
and the viewer linger in order to experience
the space anew.
An important element here is the process of
investigation and perception, which is reflected
in what has been drawn – in lines, surfaces,
Space and volume are frequently recurring
themes in her artistic work.
In this field research Darina is interested in the
development of viewing in everyday situations,
thinking and seeing. Other fields from which she
let herself be influenced are social events and art
historical references. The fictive story of the
smallest surfaces (in and out of space) and traces
of past artists are all phenomena to which Darina
responds from her perspective.

Darina Kmetova has been an artist in resident at
ARE for three months. The photos show a selection
of the artworks she created in this period.

Bild07.19          Bild02.19

Bild05.19          Bild06.19

Bild09.19  Bild01.19



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