13.09 – 17.09.2023

Opening: 13.09.2023 8-11pm
With performance and artist talk.
Location: B93, Hoge Bothofstraat 166, Enschede [NL]

I arrived in The Netherlands on a day when there was a huge storm all over the country. Flights and trains were cancelled, trees fell… a lot of damage and disruption. I myself was coming out of a period marked by huge storms in my personal life. Before arriving here, for this artistic residency, I had already made some decisions: to direct my work towards the search for lightness, the color blue and symbolic performances in public spaces. Hours after landing, in the midst of this stormy situation, the name of the exhibition came to me: “After the Storm”. And from then on, everything flowed in an intense, abundant and fertile way, like water falling from a big cloud.

The exhibition “After the Storm” is the result of a series of actions carried out in the Volkspark, an idyllic place in Enschede that proved to be the ideal space for creating symbolic scenes using everyday elements: umbrellas, trees, balloons, clouds, watering cans. Scenes marked by lightness that also seek to convey feelings and sensations such as abandonment, liberation, trust, divagation, surrender.

The photographic records of these actions were transformed into installations with the objects used. The live performance “Let me blue”, on the opening day, complements the series of actions, as well as a talk about the processes of creation, mapping of spaces, production and conception of the exhibition.

Contact infernanda@gmail.com to visit the exhibition after the opening.

Fernanda Gomes is an artist, teacher and researcher mainly in the field of performance, interactive art and interventions in public spaces. In the area of research, she holds a Master’s, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate in Communication and Culture from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, a Post-Doctorate in Advanced Studies in Art History from the University of Barcelona, as well as specializations in Hypermedia, Creation and Design in Interactive Systems by MECAD/ESDI Barcelona. Since 2002, she has been producing works in a variety of languages which have taken part in exhibitions, festivals and events in Brazil, Italy, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.

Website Fernanda Gomes

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