ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede) is founded in 2007 and is an internationally recognized organization. ARE provides an opportunity for visual artists to explore their practice within another community while meeting new people, using new materials, and experiencing life in a new location. ARE emphasizes the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture. ARE is committed to engaging with the local community. Located within the building of a local Art initiative B93, our residency encourages interactions between the guest artists and the artists in the building and they welcome the artists with a dinner to make direct contact with the local artists. B93 organizes every month an exhibition (Carte Blanche) and an opening in the same building. 

ARE provides two guest studios for international artists for a period of three months with a closure of a final solo exhibition at one of our local exhibition spaces. The conditions are conducive to creativity and provide our guests with contexts, such as working facilities, connections and audience.  We have a strong connection to the University of the Arts AKI/ArtEZ in Enschede and the guest artist are able to use their facilities, like the workshops and library. We offer also opportunities for the guest artist to lecture on different cultural locations. 

Our mission is to help artists from all over the world to develop in their artistic practices and to broaden their horizons. Through this residency, we promote cultural exchange and the possibility of making new connections across the globe. As an artist community in Enschede, we are also grateful to have so many outstanding artists passing through our city. 

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