Closed borders, less flights, stranded artists, social distancing, things have changed so much last few months. But it is also time to think about the future. From this moment on you can apply for a residency at Artist Residencies Enschede (ARE) in 2021. What will it be like to be an artist abroad in 2021? What significance does this have to your work? How will you interact with your surroundings? We invite foreign artists to apply and to send a project proposal for the residency. See below for more information and how to apply.

In 2021 we have 2 studios available for foreign artists at ARE. Each selected artist can stay for three months in 1 of the studios in the following periods:

Period 1: January-March.
Period 2: April-June.
Period 3: July-September.
Period 4: October-December.

Deadline for applications is on the 1st of July 2020.

The residency includes use of all facilities (private room, studio, computer equipment, wireless internet, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine / dryer, basic tools).  Selected artist are granted a solo exhibition in the end of their stay. ARE provides the resident artists with a material a budget for the final presentation/ exhibition, depending on individual projects, but advises artists to secure additional funding from elsewhere if needed.

To apply, submit an application form in English together with current work samples and a project proposal. ARE will inform you in the end of August 2020 whether you will be granted a stay in one of our guest studios in 2021.

Click here to apply.

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