Hereby we would like to invite you for the exhibition Baglady (Buridan’s Bridge) by ARE guest Guillaume Clermont.

“There is no solution because there is no problem”, a wise man said once. A wiser woman answered to him, “There is no problem because there is no solution”. Sitting in the corner of my studio, eating a sandwich, Sancho simply replied, “What if we were just asking the wrong question again?”

Since 2005, Guillaume Clermont always paints the same skull. Taken from a sixteenth-century Flemish painting, this skull with a dislocated jaw has become the leitmotiv around which his work is articulated, the very origin of his artistic research.

His work could be described as post-Pop Art process-based art practice. Influenced by the history of painting, and by the radical reaction of some artists to it – notably Duchamp, Broodthaers, Viallat, Cadere and Di Matteo – but also by art movements such minimalism and conceptual art, his art practice follows a logic based on repeating motifs.

The opening will take place on 18th of March 2015 from 20:00.
Address: Hoge Bothofstraat 166, 7511 ZE, Enschede

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